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PMC 509410 Regulation of Muscle Fiber Type and Running Endurance by PPARδ Endurance exercise training can promo 1 23 show
PMC 1853120 A Mammal-SpecificDoublesexHomolog Associates with Male Sex Chromatin and Is Required for Male Meiosi 6 716 show
PMC 1858683 Pygo1andPygo2roles in Wnt signaling in mammalian kidney development Background The pygopus gene of D 5 1372 show
PMC 1860061 Combining global genome and transcriptome approaches to identify the candidate genes of small-effect 5 684 show
PMC 1713256 Genetic Analysis of the Roles of BMP2, BMP4, and BMP7 in Limb Patterning and Skeletogenesis Bone mor 5 911 show
PMC 1630711 CAF-1 Is Essential for Heterochromatin Organization in Pluripotent Embryonic Cells During mammalian 5 1142 show
PMC 1635039 Defective ALK5 signaling in the neural crest leads to increased postmigratory neural crest cell apop 5 730 show
PMC 1626108 RanBP2 Modulates Cox11 and Hexokinase I Activities and Haploinsufficiency ofRanBP2Causes Deficits in 5 1184 show
PMC 1617083 Genetic background determines response to hemostasis and thrombosis Background Thrombosis is the fat 5 1504 show
PMC 1584416 Rescue of Progeria in Trichothiodystrophy by Homozygous LethalXpdAlleles Although compound heterozyg 5 789 show