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PMC 2992534 Sensor to detect endothelialization on an active coronary stent Background A serious complication wi 1 0 show
PMC 3202114 Early-Life Origins of Type 2 Diabetes: Fetal Programming of the Beta-Cell Mass A substantial body of 1 0 show
PMC 3191169 Ephrin-A5 Suppresses Neurotrophin Evoked Neuronal Motility, ERK Activation and Gene Expression Durin 1 0 show
PMC 3003518 Adiponectin may contribute to synovitis and joint destruction in rheumatoid arthritis by stimulating 1 0 show
PMC 3086171 Monitoring of brain tissue oxygenation in surgery of middle cerebral artery incidental aneurysms Int 1 0 show
PMC 2817507 Activation of TLR4-Mediated NFκB Signaling in Hemorrhagic Brain in Rats Inflammation and immunity pl 33 788 show
PMC 1359071 Genetic and Genomic Analysis of a Fat Mass Trait with Complex Inheritance Reveals Marked Sex Specifi 5 804 show
PMC 1208873 Inactivation of the Huntington's disease gene (Hdh) impairs anterior streak formation and early patt 5 1165 show
PMC 2889865 Differential cytokine regulation by NF-κB and AP-1 in Jurkat T-cells Background Activator protein (A 28 1336 show
PMC 5944998 Jasmonate signalling pathway in strawberry: Genome-wide identification, molecular characterization a 1 0 show