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PMC 3820681 Sequencing andDe NovoAssembly of the Asian Clam (Corbicula fluminea) Transcriptome Using the Illumin 4 16 show
PMC 4110358 The effect of drugs and stimulants on gastric myoelectrical activity Electrogastrography (EGG) is a 4 0 show
PMC 540049 T1DBase, a community web-based resource for type 1 diabetes research T1DBase (http://T1DBase.org) is 2 0 show
PMC 6440663 Somatic Mutations from Whole Exome Sequencing Analysis of the Patients with Biliary Tract Cancer Bil 4 25 show
PMC 3480677 Genetic Analysis of SCN5A in Korean Patients Associated with Atrioventricular Conduction Block Recen 3 63 show
PMC 6808646 Optimization of a microarray for fission yeast Bar-code (tag) microarrays of yeast gene-deletion col 3 39 show
PMC 6808645 Identification of neoantigens derived from alternative splicing and RNA modification The acquisition 3 21 show
PMC 6808644 FusionScan: accurate prediction of fusion genes from RNA-Seq data Identification of fusion gene is o 3 33 show
PMC 6808643 Trends in Genomics & Informatics: a statistical review of publications from 2003 to 2018 focusing on 3 12 show
PMC 6808642 The interaction between gut microbiome and nutrients on development of human disease through epigene 3 9 show