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GrayAnatomy 46 The skull as a whole may be viewed from different points, and the views so obtained are termed the n 1 981 show
GrayAnatomy 47 The middle part of the fossa presents, in front, the chiasmatic groove and tuberculum sellæ; the chi 1 709 show
GrayAnatomy 59 (Thigh Bone)The femur (Figs. 244, 245), the longest and strongest bone in the skeleton, is almost pe 1 655 show
GrayAnatomy 18 Bone during life is permeated by vessels, and is enclosed, except where it is coated with articular 2 577 show
GrayAnatomy 57 (Ossa Extremitatis Inferioris) & (Os Coxæ; Innominate Bone)The hip bone is a large, flattened, irreg 1 537 show
GrayAnatomy 34 (Os Temporale)The temporal bones are situated at the sides and base of the skull. Each consists of f 1 516 show
GrayAnatomy 17 THE GENERAL framework of the body is built up mainly of a series of bones, supplemented, however, in 2 504 show
GrayAnatomy 24 The sacral and coccygeal vertebræ consist at an early period of life of nine separate segments which 1 493 show
GrayAnatomy 35 (Os Sphenoidale)The sphenoid bone is situated at the base of the skull in front of the temporals and 1 477 show
GrayAnatomy 22 (Vertebræ Thoracales).The thoracic vertebræ (Fig. 90) are intermediate in size between those of the 2 470 show