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CORD-19 f820e5c342b0e3ce1af0905b69ebea927865a809 Post-SARS infection control in the hospital and clinic Abstract SARS is a new devastating disease 23.3 KB 22 3,088 show
CORD-19 d8c4042441e88788e26135cb83f2510ac050aae7 Reprogramming cellular events by poly(ADP-ribose)-binding proteins Abstract Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation 66.3 KB 10 9,314 show
CORD-19 9e931adbee903a23a6a1453f276a4f9b1f8d79c4 mask for health workers not a defensible position for Ebola Abstract Martin-Moreno et al. suggest 5.4 KB 10 746 show
CORD-19 6e2db98aa242e3e84116afdfad5e250943c55ac5 Early detection of dynamic harmful cascades in large-scale networks ଝ Abstract Quickly detecting ha 49 KB 10 2,604 show
CORD-19 53be4000821ac430bae87a7faf22ee1e493e5832 Polyarteritis Nodosa in a Cat with Involvement of the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems Science 17 KB 10 3,441 show
CORD-19 881bb13e961f96f6d3ba6e0cd749126d56245bb8 Influenza A(H1N1) pdm09 Virus Infection in Giant Pandas, China Abstract We confirmed infection wi 7.49 KB 9 1,606 show
CORD-19 810a9bd2723d1cd3198e0dc24c8035d0fd2901d6 The use of infrared thermography as an early indicator of bovine respiratory disease complex in calv 25.7 KB 9 1,400 show
CORD-19 45e64c5963b9f16e654cb31ff11561e1a9a420c3 Interactions of LSECtin and DC-SIGN/DC-SIGNR with viral ligands: Differential pH dependence, interna 35 KB 9 5,948 show
CORD-19 16a812de72963ceda960a168236e8dbe91832d45 Remyelination as Neuroprotection Abstract A major area of investigation in the neurosciences is d 74.5 KB 9 8,683 show
CORD-19 c6b75757f2a356c2bbc3ec1d986d17a3d0048701 The aetiology of pharyngotonsillitis in adolescents and adults - Fusobacterium necrophorum is common 20.4 KB 9 1,333 show