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CORD-19 2343e42a324724f6f6c6d3f76b564f41e4596261 Comparison of the performance of 2 commercial multiplex PCR platforms for detection of respiratory v 18.2 KB 7 468 show
CORD-19 e78cecafd32aeadea4fe12d0a7d3f7883d222b58 Comparison of the immune response to vaccination with pigeon circovirus recombinant capsid protein ( 34 KB 5 621 show
CORD-19 dedbce4a087182765828eb2ec40c581e303f2d84 2-Cys peroxiredoxin function in intracellular signal transduction: therapeutic implications H 2 O 2 27.2 KB 8 563 show
CORD-19 185e78aee848db9cc3a4510619048a6e4acd22cc Febrile Hypotensive Reactions Following ABVD Chemotherapy in Patients With EBV-associated Classical 20.5 KB 7 726 show
CORD-19 b32e3e2b7c3598deea425036dc4d39bc5910e799 Expressional induction of Paralichthys olivaceus cathepsin B gene in response to virus, poly I:C and 24 KB 6 630 show
CORD-19 9e7bb369224888a04493301fe9b7e1d4e31531c1 Phylogenetic Trees Abstract Phylogenetic inference is an attractive means to reconstruct transmissi 48 KB 5 778 show
CORD-19 441656e0f7eea90edc2e3cb7e72d362b55e97ce3 viruses Phleboviruses and the Type I Interferon Response Abstract The genus Phlebovirus of the fami 34.5 KB 5 528 show
CORD-19 87d66d38a91e5f44e1879a9af2e873de783a122a The effects of glass surfaces and probe GC content on signal intensities of a 60-mer diagnostic micr 20.5 KB 7 297 show
CORD-19 d5876838f23bdb3327571f5513d85e11c4ba2dce Abstract Department of Microbiology, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 60637, USA Viruses h 27.1 KB 6 825 show
CORD-19 6d97d18fc999823cf462f2a10a9ec1b3ab7545ba Pathogenesis of Murine Coronavirus in the Central Nervous System Abstract Murine coronavirus (mouse 59.8 KB 8 1,622 show