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CORD-19 a45bd60158b1a19b8378b091847f82e5dcc548b6 MERS: emergence of a novel human coronavirus Abstract A novel coronavirus (CoV) that causes a sever 12.8 KB 8 294 show
CORD-19 d44f0b3c6bc04750679c3cc7be730c2ae4f15c45 Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a new infection disease caused by a previously unknown r 11.5 KB 7 369 show
CORD-19 1fe6883f2ce2672d395d377060b5abfd1b33b250 A stable trypsin inhibitor from Chinese dull black soybeans with potentially exploitable activities 24.6 KB 7 692 show
CORD-19 6cefe58e798d4664942d0cd4844648894921ddef Influence of meteorological factors and air pollution on the outbreak of severe acute respiratory sy 21.3 KB 7 830 show
CORD-19 082b68c7aed6bcedca131e39ca6891e39d52b6d6 MINIREVIEW Downloaded from Abstract ; decreased germinal center formation in lymph nodes; and the p 26 KB 7 671 show
CORD-19 e6d882be4961d1bdd7507b4a29d86b650de0895d SEARCH STRATEGY PubMed databases were searched for studies on MERS cases during the 2015 outbreak in 25 KB 6 663 show
CORD-19 170f0a7070650e42066d011135cc9e9d9f931223 Abstract were administered due to exposure in enzootic areas). The majority of animals known to 687 Bytes 4 16 show
CORD-19 2c670a00ad73cd21a2576e9e29820b954b1948e9 Malware and Disease: Lessons from Cyber Intelligence for Public Health Surveillance Abstract Malici 36 KB 8 622 show
CORD-19 549c70b7e76d19a76e4f6e51aa7fd9755a858a73 Cyclophilin and Viruses: Cyclophilin as a Cofactor for Viral Infection and Possible Anti-Viral Targe 21.5 KB 7 886 show
CORD-19 f294102f799f81ac9cda375e8ea273cf5912b772 Human bocavirus commonly involved in multiple viral airway infections Abstract Background: Human bo 11.3 KB 7 589 show