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CORD-19 a8448e0c9df61442dd233ee8ee838ea3c7e59a63 Antibody Treatment of Ebola and Sudan Virus Infection via a Uniquely Exposed Epitope within the Glyc 53.6 KB 8 927 show
CORD-19 2806681afe14d0b44b1ad1fd4ca894c429cbb235 Ungulates as Laboratory Animals Abstract The term ungulate is used to designate all the large mam 45.6 KB 8 1,485 show
CORD-19 6f147ad02e15472fb25d780a700a7594cf5ce269 Early days: genomics and human responses to infection Abstract Since the last review in this jour 24 KB 8 641 show
CORD-19 80fd81c46001bbd1c5efb56169239a872b271e88 Features discriminating SARS from other severe viral respiratory tract infections Abstract This stu 23.5 KB 8 872 show
CORD-19 b66b7144b68674c9f2a22d7ba6bd60826adde0a1 Disease Management of Dairy Calves and Heifers Abstract analysis are used to define problems, sou 31.4 KB 8 1,027 show
CORD-19 e4c4f6a93633b2ac17771d3386131521bfabf7a6 ANTIVIRAL COMPOUNDS IN THE PIPELINE TO TACKLE H1N1 INFLUENZA INFECTION Abstract The recent pandemic 23.8 KB 9 582 show
CORD-19 1eb6b055ab21fcc5051ab645e25d1e8ac53d29d7 Discovery of Small-Molecule HIV-1 Fusion and Integrase Inhibitors Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol: I. 14.9 KB 9 304 show
CORD-19 fa674df56e2194fa3b4d2051a7fe80fd5e843e66 CLINICAL RESULTS OBTAINED IN CATTLE AND SWINE BY MEANS OF BIOLOGICAL IMMUNOSTIMULATORS* Abstract Th 19.1 KB 8 571 show
CORD-19 fe5f94ba7243ad9f2867e776728ac8b337f272cc Enhancing Sibling Presence in Pediatric ICU Abstract Four-year-old Jamie stands transfixed and ri 36.6 KB 7 831 show
CORD-19 2dfc0df5fefbe3bd657f73f9c78b3d3278d8b20b Supplementary appendix Appendix: Causes of severe pneumonia requiring hospital admission in children 59.8 KB 8 1,458 show