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CORD-19 f27b96eea603d6abadace2bf53ae4cbec1369eb3 Development of a one step real time RT-PCR assay to detect and quantify Dugbe virus Abstract A one- 13.6 KB 8 370 show
CORD-19 f28c8b44454762a915d4dcc4feccadb118f72e06 Post-SARS tourist arrival recovery patterns: An analysis based on a catastrophe theory Abstract In 35.1 KB 8 993 show
CORD-19 f280533ae44db01953e035d6703b24083343b5d5 Journal Pre-proof Understanding the emerging coronavirus: what it means for health security and infe 26.7 KB 8 812 show
CORD-19 f28d99f0bdfb16c5fa56764d922953ab797bfc8e Abstract Feline panleukopenia virus causes a systemic infection. The virus is transmitted via th 15.2 KB 7 565 show
CORD-19 f292235c8719f67efdebdacd495a2131a70b05b8 Wheezing Exacerbations in Early Childhood: Evaluation, Treatment, and Recent Advances Relevant to th 24.3 KB 8 1,020 show
CORD-19 f29336df8a7b5abec390463da7cf7e81eaa506c7 Personal View Atypical pneumonia-time to breathe new life into a useful term? Abstract The term aty 22.5 KB 8 1,027 show
CORD-19 f29732f07d2e23f950bd01eab12bdb0165e3cc17 Epidemiological characteristics and phylogenic analysis of human respiratory syncytial virus in pati 27.8 KB 8 735 show
CORD-19 f294102f799f81ac9cda375e8ea273cf5912b772 Human bocavirus commonly involved in multiple viral airway infections Abstract Background: Human bo 11.3 KB 8 589 show
CORD-19 f297ff6ac7a5dfde238e171ef3fff9a2c6e7877f Fish disease dynamics in changing rivers: Salmonid Ceratomyxosis in the Klamath River Abstract The 38.3 KB 8 1,138 show
CORD-19 f299aafd1e2b807e8065dc83015ee4c4d8b54138 Abstract Although the term "cloud computing" has already been used elsewhere in this publication 49 KB 7 1,076 show