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CORD-19 065b4479aa47cf07a1955ffd52ec2985a2a16a02 Presence and molecular characterisation of Giardia and Cryptosporidium in alpacas (Vicugna pacos) fr 19.7 KB 8 517 show
CORD-19 065892aec9d2eeb8c5e4dea4966197d722a2670a Abstract Mecca. 7 In 1987, after a large outbreak of meningococcal disease serogroup A in pilgri 20.9 KB 7 804 show
CORD-19 067207286961125e2368109677210136323e5205 Abstract and healthcare assistants found the daily intervention helpful, and, in general, awaren 2.28 KB 7 77 show
CORD-19 066fef88b0b0d9db3e48192fa13e6665486115bf Abstract "The danger to the operator can be eliminated in the most simple and complete manner wi 35.3 KB 7 1,161 show
CORD-19 065a6f1355d676bf50ffbda0267d2b8c34660cf4 Epidemiology of Infectious Diarrhea Abstract Diarrhea is a symptom of very diverse causes, and it 37.5 KB 8 1,379 show
CORD-19 066ec24d68f5a0f78a3e6684da8a33fdb7368f58 Inhibitory and Coactivating Receptors Recognising the Same Ligand: Immune Homeostasis Exploited by P 29 KB 8 672 show
CORD-19 066d9708265a90886808c378340547b6460afde9 CD56 + B-cell Neurolymphomatosis in a Cat ScienceDirect B-cell Neurolymphomatosis in a Cat Abstract 13.2 KB 8 518 show
CORD-19 06559dd625491d6474ee88f08c12fc17c1830995 Towards evidence-based, GIS-driven national spatial health information infrastructure and surveillan 207 KB 8 3,904 show
CORD-19 06594cb8f332809a70287bf4a265254fee818016 Fever screening of seasonal influenza patients using a cost-effective thermopile array with small pi 7.65 KB 8 244 show
CORD-19 065251840684bc065248b1f161783653cf19d14f Mini-Review A view from the Common Cold Unit Abstract I have been asked to stand back and describe 51.5 KB 8 1,314 show