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CORD-19 f820e5c342b0e3ce1af0905b69ebea927865a809 Post-SARS infection control in the hospital and clinic Abstract SARS is a new devastating disease 23.3 KB 22 3,088 show
CORD-19 29b6131c0d572d383cbc6774b12e4471aa612b07 Vaccine Efficacy in Senescent Mice Challenged with Recombinant SARS-CoV Bearing Epidemic and Zoonoti 61.1 KB 5 1,414 show
CORD-19 aed0e70359bffd12f9748dc4d900d9ec3a170422 Structural insights into ubiquitin recognition and Ufd1 interaction of Npl4 Abstract Npl4 is likely 47 KB 5 726 show
CORD-19 1244246ac28247b5674d6f4a8587e064bb565d7f Abstract A novel avian-origin influenza A(H7N9) caused a major outbreak in Mainland China in early 27.1 KB 5 455 show
CORD-19 4c6a45d1e56660fa713b637825b96e287a0acef5 Experimental infection of dogs with a feline endogenous retrovirus RD-114 Abstract Background: The 10.8 KB 5 305 show
CORD-19 5e00a4c6f4faed178e0f2c24b7c2678c9404f84c Abstract Background: Yokose virus was first isolated from bats (Miniopterus fuliginosus) collected 13.9 KB 5 294 show
CORD-19 ec0a66b8b227c1a0ced88608d544e3b98120d557 Bacteriological study of calf colisepticemia in Alage Dairy Farm, Southern Ethiopia Abstract Object 13.4 KB 5 311 show
CORD-19 b9795ebc63bc667ed27545d63f287cacf8604d62 Discovery of a polyomavirus in European badgers (Meles meles) and the evolution of host range in the 34.8 KB 5 529 show
CORD-19 ea1eff3e4dd61110688eb2c07a616443dee8867b Co-infection with Bartonella henselae and Sarcocystis sp. in a 6-year-old male neutered domestic lon 20 KB 5 684 show
CORD-19 f4f0d1b957340175fd951c8fa9c27815dd589f26 The inhibitory effect of 7,7"-dimethoxyagastisflavone on the metastasis of melanoma cells via the su 32.3 KB 5 846 show