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CORD-19 b75e7f3f923023185daed6f29e5beca4eddfc109 Comprehensive Interactome Analysis Reveals that STT3B Is Required for N-Glycosylation of Lassa Virus 57.3 KB 5 851 show
CORD-19 fccc2cff358d6c08f512003b88bab9934e4ffa7a The Underlying Mechanism of 3-Hydroxyphthalic Anhydride- Modified Bovine Beta-Lactoglobulin to Block 33.1 KB 5 646 show
CORD-19 8e3f518b27782ac9cc19e7556d74100ff23d972b Porcine parvovirus infection activates mitochondria-mediated apoptotic signaling pathway by inducing 18.9 KB 5 445 show
CORD-19 90394841ad2cbaec78bf51646d5ca1ae26fadba6 Bayesian Analysis for Inference of an Emerging Epidemic: Citrus Canker in Urban Landscapes Abstract 62.2 KB 5 1,015 show
CORD-19 a71e4139dc4ba7ca03da5d99cac0781f092d5223 Open Access TECHNICAL ADVANCE Rapid semi-automated quantitative multiplex tandem PCR (MT-PCR) assays 22.8 KB 5 414 show
CORD-19 02a009e42054081b441d0f4b203679c4b0cae38d Three asymptomatic animal infection models of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome caused by hantav 56.9 KB 5 1,705 show
CORD-19 671f1c2956296e84da394af512513ea165882eba [Pyr 1 ]Apelin-13 (1-12) Is a Biologically Active ACE2 Metabolite of the Endogenous Cardiovascular P 42.6 KB 5 668 show
CORD-19 e47d1f361bc4007b3fd859fd80fda5b40cc4a684 Expression profile analysis of 5-day-old neonatal piglets infected with porcine Deltacoronavirus Ab 24.1 KB 5 560 show
CORD-19 0d5be5a4268da7c08b478ca36721d46bd67bbe69 Effect of avian influenza A H5N1 infection on the expression of microRNA-141 in human respiratory ep 30.2 KB 5 831 show
CORD-19 035f1d6b6c461d045fd19d69e4e9c1de221f4a0d Synthetic lethals in HIV: ways to avoid drug resistance Abstract Background: RNA viruses rapidly ac 30 KB 5 556 show