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This collection contains annotation projects which target all the PubMed abstracts (at the time of January 14, 2022) from the 6 glycobiology-related journals:
  • Glycobiology
  • Glycoconjugate journal
  • The Journal of biological chemistry
  • Journal of proteome research
  • Journal of proteomics
  • Carbohydrate research

Maintainer Jin-Dong Kim
Name TDescription# Ann.MaintainerUpdated_atRDFized_atStatus

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GlyCosmos6-CLO 1.16 MJin-Dong Kim2022-02-18-Developing
GlyCosmos6-docs 0Jin-Dong Kim2014-04-07-Developing
GlyCosmos6-Glycan-Motif-Structure 105 KJin-Dong Kim2022-02-18-Developing
Glycosmos6-GlycoEpitope 19.3 KJin-Dong Kim2022-02-18-Developing
Glycosmos6-MAT 257 KJin-Dong Kim2022-02-18-Developing
mondo_disease annotation for diseases and disorders as defined in MONDO.250 KJin-Dong Kim2022-02-19-Developing
NCBITAXON annotation for NCBI taxonomy467 KJin-Dong Kim2022-02-21-Developing
sentences Sentence segmentation annotation6.96 MJin-Dong Kim2022-02-17-Developing